With these tips you can enjoy your international picnic day in a fun and cost effective manner

June 18 is known as international picnic day and needless to say a picnic can always help you get great relaxation in easy ways. If you’re unemployed or just looking to save more a picnic is one of the most cost effective activities around! On a picnic outing, you can have great fun with your friends or family, you can dinner outside, and you can do so many other things as well on your picnic. But if you do not right ways to enjoy your picnic, then you might end up spending a lot of money for it and you get less pleasure also. Here, I am suggesting some tips by which you can enjoy international picnic day in a funny and cost effective manner.

Play something: Playing something might seem one of the simplest things, but on a picnic this can be the best thing that you can do with kids, friends or other family members. If you enjoying kite flying, then you can do that with your friends and you can enjoy great fun with that outdoor activity. Other than this, you can also try other outdoor games such as Frisbee, football, or something else that can blend well with your hobby.

Choose destination wisely: It does not matter what others say about an ideal picnic location, I would suggest you to choose a venue that is good for you. If you and your family member can enjoy in the nearby park, then that would be the best destination for your picnic, and if you like beaches, then you can try that place. The entrepreneur Jesse Stockwell suggests climbing a mountain for a picnic with amazing views. In short you can choose any place of your choice and you can have great fun on international picnic day.

Explore natural place: If you are not sure what place you should choose for this, then you can visit some natural places such as a national park for that. You can gain entry in national parks with a small fee and you can have great fun with your family members or kids. With this option, you will be able to connect yourself with nature. But when you visit such places, then make sure you dispose your food properly and you clean all food from you before you set up your camp. I am suggesting this because a bear can smell food from a very long distance and that might come to your camp for food.

Keep your first aid kit: Going on a picnic always make you vulnerable to some bruise and scrapes. To deal with these problems you need to carry a complete first aid kit with you. Also, it is a wise idea that you use sunscreen lotions, bug repellent, hat and other accessories to avoid any complication. In case of an accident, it will keep you away from any kind of trouble and you will be able to enjoy the bet time on your picnic.

Try to enjoy a fair: To enjoy a picnic, you can go to your local county fair as well and you can have great fun on this international picnic day. Things in the fair might be slightly higher compared to regular price, but that is acceptable. And if you wish to save extra money, then you can pack your hot dogs, chocolates and chips from your home and you can enjoy that all under the umbrella of a tree.

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