What legal considerations affect the La Guardia Airport project

By 2021, the La Guardia Airport will have a new face, as announced by the Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and the Governor Andrew M. Cuomo in New York on 27th July 2015. La Guardia Airport was famous for its delays and tumbledown terminals. It has been the centre of compliant and is being mocked for years. In year 2012, this airport was ranked the worst airport in the nation by the magazine Travel & Leisure, because of its poor security processes, check-ins, baggage handling, staff communication, and worst when it comes to Wi-Fi. It was also assigned the worst in design and cleanliness. The government also characterized it as “un-New-York” because of its above-mentioned qualities. The La Guardia Airport in Northern Queens, which is operated by the two port authorities of New Jersey and New York, estimated the changeover cost of to citizens of New Jersey for the garage door repair, about $4 million. The main expenditure will be on the main Central terminal Building, which is to be replaced by a grand entry. According to Mr. Cuomo the airport planners and officials concluded that there is no way of rebuilding the New Jersey airport garage without being completely torn down.

The Master Plan:

airport experienceThe concept behind this New Jersey improvement to garage door, is to create a unified airport instead, of an old cluster of disconnected terminals, which is also visually pleasing. According to the master plan proposed by the developer committee lead by Daniel R. Tishman, the airport building will be moved to the south, closer to the parkway. This will, create the 2 miles of extended taxiway and also alleviate the airport delays. As per Mr. Cuomo, a rail link will be set up between the subway station at Willets Point in Queens to the airport, for the ease of the travelers. Ferry services will also be re-established. The terminals C & D, operated by Delta airlines will also be shifted toward the highway and linked with the new central terminal. The new airport will have more restaurants, stores and even conference centre and a hotel. All these features will determine the grand design of the new transportation hub.

As per vice president, such big transportation projects will not only create the middle-class jobs but also grows the national economy. According to the governor, the new airport will create about 8000+ construction job and permanent jobs too. As per Mr. Tishman, the main plan is to remove the parking garages and surface lots, which are in between the highway and the front doors of the terminus. The new terminals will be created while the old one will remain in use.

When air travel was a luxury at that time this airport was built and is still one of the busiest airports of its size in the world. La Guardia ranked 29, among the largest American airports with, in on-time departures. Mr Joseph Sitt, chairman of the Global Gateway Alliance, an organization which ensures the development of NYC, is a critical piece in Mr. Cuomo’s master plan. As per him, more than $50 billion of the US economy only relies on Airports with the annual passengers of 17, creating the necessity for development.

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