Law About Religious Discrimination in Workplace

image of woman with american flagAs per the law, the employees in the workplace should never go through religious discrimination. It is not just enough for you to go to the court with the claim that you faced religious discrimination in the workplace. There should be proper and solid evidence to support the claim that you made else it will not be a case in the favor of the employees, but rather the case can be for the favor of the employer. The employer may also get some form of taking away with such kind of case. Here are some of the important things that one should know.

There was a case filed by a Jewish nurse that she got terminated from the job because of her religion. She went to court with this claim but the court did not consider her claim but passed the judgement in favor of the employer because she did not submit any solid proof that state that religion was the fact that made the employer terminate her from the job. The nurse went for a higher appeal which also went with the same judgement. It is necessary for submitting evidence as per Title VII which was passed in 1964 as a part of the civil rights act. It is necessary for you to understand the background about going for such a case and things you should do so that the case can be positive for you.
Overview on Religious Discrimination
If you want to bring the fact of religious discrimination in front of the court then it is necessary for you to bring all the evidence as per the law. It is necessary to bring to light some direct evidence that can prove that there was religious discrimination happening with the person according to the McDonnell- Douglas burden shifting- framework. If there are no direct evidence them the employee needs to show some non-discriminatory or legitimate reason which can challenge the action.
The framework is the one that is followed by the court while handling such kind of the cases. The court found out that the nurse failed in meeting with her obligations under the framework. She was unable to prove that she was facing any religious discrimination in the workplace. She pointed out a remark of her co-worker which was anti-jewish in its voice, but she could not prove her termination was something as a continuation of it. She was terminated 3 months after the remarks was made and the termination happened because of the accumulation of too many disciplinary complaints against that person within about 12 months. The case failed because she was unable to prove that any non-Jewish employees in the medical center got better treatment from management. There was no proper evidence to state that her termination was due to the religion in which she belongs.
Take Always for Religious Discrimination
Many of the cases when the cases were filed against the employers for religious discrimination, they presented well-documented policies in the workplace and the poor performance of employees. These factors helped them in making the case go against them.

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